Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Brisbane wedding photographer is hard. With so many options it’s impossible to know where to start. Having been through all of this before and having worked with so many brides and grooms we thought we could provide some thought starters and recommendations we would make for choosing the right wedding photographer.

  1. First and foremost – do you get along. It’s so important to have a good relationship with your wedding photographer. They are going to be part of what is not doubt the most important day of your life, so it’s integral that you click almost straight away. You need to feel relaxed and confident they will do that right job and make you feel great while they are doing it.
  2. Is there a particular style you like? Most photographers will have a ‘style’ they prefer to shoot in. Some are flexible and if they are good can adjust this to your requirements, others are a bit more stubborn. So it’s important that your wedding photographer is right for you and can take on board your feedback and ideas and work with these.
  3. Are ‘they’ available? Make sure when you meet them you understand if they are available. We hear a lot of stories where people think they are meeting their photographer, but it turns out on the day someone else attends to shoot – with the other photographer being unavailable. This is super unprofessional and should never happen! So make sure who you meet with is who will be photographing your day.
  4. Are their any hidden costs? A lot of Brisbane wedding photographers have a fee they charge for the day that includes a certain number of retouched images. It’s important to know exactly how many this is and how much additional images costs. There is nothing worse than hearing about wedding were you only get 100 images and then its $500 for every additional 100 images. Ouch! Adds up quickly.
  5. What exactly are you getting? It’s so important that you know exactly what you’re getting. For example – how many hours will the photographer be there? How many photographers are you getting? How many images will they deliver? How will these images be delivered – and when? Are their any additional costs such as food allowance or accommodation? It’s important to ask lots of questions.
  6. Finally – do they make you feel comfortable? You will usually know this the second you meet someone. How do they make you feel? Are you going to be happy having them around while you are getting dressed, kissing, cutting cake? Make sure that you feel they are the right person.