About Benji & Sam

Two brothers in creative collaboration. With  energy, fun and enthusiasm they bring you Benji & Sam wedding photography.

What’s in a name?…

Growing up on a farm as a two rogue brothers we built cubby houses, rode motorbikes, went on adventures and shared in many common memories. Most special of these were the weekends loaded into the family car, off to visit our grandparents.

Never quite sure which family was which we quickly came up with a certain way of knowing which grandparents we were on our way to visit, identifying each by the name of their two dogs.

– Sam and Benji.

About us…

Having spent almost 10 years in different countries, we both finally arrived home (to mums enjoyment) and decided to collaborate our creative skills. From this Benji and Sam was derived.

Aaron, an expert photographer, has traveled the globe with his skill on assignment for Australian Geographic. Having lived in Japan shooting for almost 10 years, Aaron brings not only a wealth of photography knowledge, but also the experience of working with all sorts of people from different backgrounds. To top it off, Aaron is a kick ass snowboarder and fluent in Japanese.

Trenton, a marketing professional, like his brother has spent almost 10 years travelling the world. Trenton’s had the pleasure of working in London for 8 years with some of the biggest global brands. He brings a certain creative flare to the business, loves working with clients on and off location, and isn’t too bad behind the lens either. Trenton has an English Bulldog called Wilbur, he loves to surf and always makes time for traveling.

Benji & Sam – Perfection.

So much fun to work with and brought so much joy to what was already a very special day.

Lauren (Diamond) Horwill

Aaron Jamieson

Aaron Jamieson

Chief Photographer / Owner

Trenton Jamieson

Trenton Jamieson

Chief Marketing / Owner

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