Are we meant to be together?


Who knows!? Let’s get a coffee and find out!

When you’re looking for the best wedding photographer for you. Or a destination wedding photographer willing to travel. Or an affordable wedding photographer that will go the extra mile for you – how can you know until you’ve met us!?

Well, we think it’s really important to get to know each other a little first. We love a chat, we love a coffee (and a beer) and we love to laugh. If this sounds like you there’s a good chance we’re the perfect couple (figuratively speaking, because at this point we know you’ve already found your perfect partner).

A little tongue in cheek it how we love to operate and if you’re happy to have us along with a little candid fun on your wedding day then we’ll get along perfectly. So don’t be surprised after you’ve contacted us that we ask you on a date to get to know each other and get excited about your day, together!

Ask us anything!? How else can you get to know this crazy person that’s going to be tagging along for your day of days. We’re open, honest, fun and love what we do. It’s not uncommon for our meeting to roll along with chats and stories that have nothing to do with the day – but everything to do with who you are and what makes us, us.

We’re so happy and proud to walk away from so many weddings with a new group of friends and we can never thank you enough for introducing us to your friends. We love that you’re excited for us to meet them – because we are too.  Getting the best images from a wedding is all about being part of the wedding – not hanging about in the corners snapping from a distance. Get us in there with the kids, let us chat to your grandparents and meet your craziest friends – there’s a good chance we’ll have a lot in common! 😉

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