Behind the lens – wedding photographers


Beautiful Byron Bay, brilliant Brisbane or boutique Bali it’s not what the camera points at, but who is behind it that large black box with the big lens hanging off the front. Weddings are all unique, and wedding photographers are all different. It’s important that your vision for your images matches what your wedding photographer sees. Make sure you chat to us about what you want from your images, perhaps there’s a wedding of ours your love, or maybe you’ve seen another wedding photographers shots you love from the same location – that’s fine too! We want to know what your vision is so we can combine that with ours.

While we have our style and approach it’s totally fine to ask us and make some suggestions of images you love and have seen before. Pin it and post it – share it with us and let’s get about creating the best wedding images ever!

Some of our favourite images have come from suggestions from our brides. We’ve looked at an idea, replicated it, changed it, worked on it and quite often we’ve come up with something completely unique and amazing – all from that pintrest account you started when you were looking for that special wedding photographer.

Maybe the photograph started with a cool brick wall and an arch, then became a cool shot of you on the street walking through an alley, then suddenly we’re 4 stories up in a car park shooting down screaming out to do a spin while you laugh up at us with no idea what we’re saying. Either way it’s the process that delivers the best wedding photos and the process starts with you and your vision!


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