Benji and Sam and it’s history

I remember back to the day as a kid making the long drive from Lancefield to Melbourne city. The picturesque route through the little country towns into the hustle and bustle of the city was always an exciting adventure.

The trip was usually being made to visit out grandparents who we unfortunately didn’t get to see very often.

At such a young age understanding the difference between mums maiden name and dads surname was too much for us to grasp, and we were regularly confused by whose mum was who. As such, this lead to the introduction of Benji and Sam – two dogs that would become the identifiers for both nanas to everyone in each family.

Even to this day (30 years on) we still call each nana by their old dogs. Unfortunately Nana Benji is no longer with us, but her love and creativity lives through us, and we think of her every day at work, every time we write our name and every time we take a photo. Nana Sam – well she is fighting fit! 95 last year, she still thinks she is 60. And even today still gets a kick out of being called after her late dog (of 30 years ago!)

So for us Benji and Sam is fitting. A name that’s uniquely different but means so much to us. A name of two dogs that’s been carried through generations and will continue to be part of our family as we grow older.

It’s unfortunate that such a distance separates us, however we regularly make the trip to Melbourne to visit nana, although not regularly enough. We are planning to surprise her soon with a visit and present to her our creation – Benji and Sam Wedding Photography. No doubt this will make her smile. Nana Sam has always been so found of photos, and we’ve spent countless hours exploring all her old ones, looking through the history of her life and what she has done.

Today – we create new photos. We preserve the memories of peoples most special days, while thinking back to our own. A business designed around a memory, taking photos of people’s memories. It’s very inception like!

We hope you enjoy exploring our site, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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