Byron Bay Wedding Photographer

Byron Bay Wedding Photographer.

Over the last decade I’ve travelled the world. It’s what I love to do. Meeting new people, experiencing new things and making new memories Is what life is all about. Even today as I begin to settle again (for now) I’m conscious to try and visit somewhere new every few weeks. It’s good for the soul.

But today, for me, Northern New South Wales is home. And although I might be the newest Byron Bay wedding photographer, my experience travelling and shooting around the world, means I bring with me a new and beautiful style of wedding photography.

The traditional wedding photography of ‘pose and shoot’ is long dead. Bride and groom don’t want these self-described ‘fake photos’, they are looking for something more natural, something unplanned, that captures the essence of that moment. Unique photography for a unique moment.

As a wedding photographer in Byron Bay I feel it’s important to capture the essence of a location within a shot. At Benji & Sam our unique style takes into account the location you’ve chosen to marry at. This location has a meaning to you – it’s why you’ve selected to be married there. So it’s important to us that we explore this in our photography, so in years to come you will look back and remember not only your wedding dress, the day and all the delicious food, but also the meaning and reasons why you were married at this particular location.

Landscapes are a beautiful to shoot. They help develop a story behind a wedding. It might be the first place you ever met, perhaps it’s where you proposed, whatever the meaning, it’s nice to show a story of your day that includes this.

It’s easy to point and shoot a camera at people. What’s not easy is to capture a scene, a hillside with trees, grass, clouds and sun and at the center of this – a beautiful bride and groom.

So if you’re looking for more than just a wedding photographer, then give Benji & Sam Byron Bay Wedding Photography a call – we promise to deliver you an experience like none other.



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