Footy or flowers?

We love this part. So… you’re starting to plan the wedding together and you’re scanning websites and magazines looking for the best wedding photographer possible. Not to mention the best flowers, most perfect location, venue, dress etc etc… the list goes on.

You’re both busy at work and you’re meeting your photographers with some angst. How often have we heard ‘oh, he hates having his photo taken’…!? Well, not every time, but just about!

We get it! Totally! What is more daunting for the boys at home getting ready with the thought of having to make small talk while getting sore cheeks from smiling at the photographer that has no idea that it’s Saturday and you’re missing your favourite team play for this day!

Or for the girls who’ve spent more than just the 6 hours that morning getting ready… more like 6 months! Their hair styling, dress, shoe and flower choice have all been thought about, spoken about, emailed, facebooked and now it’s all happening and the pressure is on and the photographer is going to turn up and be checking their phone for the latest cricket scores without a thought for how much effort you’ve put into the colour choice of the flowers to perfectly complement the brides maids dresses.

Well – we know footy AND we know flowers. In fact we’re just pretty normal guys who really love being wedding photographers. We know the effort that has gone into your day – but we also know that outside of today you’re probably just like us!

Let us put you at ease. Before hand and on the day. We’re down for a fun chat about – well, pretty much anything. We’ve travelled a lot, shot hundreds of weddings and met a multitude of brilliant people from all walks of life and all cultures. There’s a good chance we’ll find some common ground to chat about and before you know it you’ll be laughing like a movie star in front of the camera!

Who said you can only turn left!?… you go girls, and boys seriously work it (and keep me posted on the scores through the day).

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