It’s a bird, it’s a plane – no that’s a cow!  


What we love to do is capture the unusual and fun in our wedding photography. So often we find ourselves shooting on location when the random happens, the only way to deal with it – is roll with it!

Perhaps a plane flies through the background between your heads the shot just as you’re about to land a big smooch, or lately it’s been the ever present helicopter (thanks to shooting our fair share of exclusive weddings on Hayman Island) or that cockatoo that stole the bridesmaids bouquet and devoured it. Whatever it is, it won’t phase us and it’s the introduced species that quite often makes the shot.

Maybe it was the council worker, complete with road sign, that walked into the shot accidentally. Or the group of ripped and muscled surfers that offered to pose for a shot with the bridesmaids as they walked up the beach. Or maybe the bearded and tough bikie who gladly gave up his bike for a photo with the bride… or more than likely, it’s the cows that seem to have an insatiable curiosity for weddings.

Quite often we’ll find a beautiful field to shoot in for our location shots. And, after seeking permission from the farmer (who are consistently the friendliest and most courteous gentlemen we come across) we will be on location with the bridal party only to be outnumbered by a party of curious cows.

Leaning on the gate the farmer will exclaim that the bride looks stunning, the bridesmaids beautiful but the boys should start shooing the cows away before they help themselves to the flowers. Can you imagine the boys chasing cows around the paddock while the girls watch on, with the farmer by their side, all in hysterics.

Not what you had in mind!? Us neither – but the farmer knew what he was doing… and the images are amazing!


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