Let’s go for a walk…

It’s just a little thing we do.

When you’re getting ready and the ceremony time is fast approaching it’s nice to just take the time to go for a little stroll. Let’s get out of the house, leave the hotel for 15 minutes or just take a walk around the block. This is an oldie but a goodie and works a treat to put you at ease while we snap a few pics.

What’s easier than strolling down the road with the groomsmen having a chat about life, love – or let’s face it – the footy!?  Being a Brisbane wedding photographer we know some amazing streets, alleyways and sneaky locations to create amazing images on the fly. We’ve got the tricks up our sleeve to make great images in a truly candid way. It has to be fun – and we  make sure it is.

‘Don’t just stand there and smile boys – hold hands’… (chuckle), sorry groomsmen, we were joking – but your reaction is priceless and the photo is great!

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