Roll your sleeves up. Put your hands in your pockets, kick your hip out.

Whether you’re looking for a boutique wedding photographer, destination wedding photographer or just a wedding photographer prepared to roll their sleeves up and get the shots then there’s one important question you should ask them. “How should I stand?”

If their answer is anything other than – ‘put your hands in your pockets’ then you should dig a little deeper.

What’s this mean? Why so cryptic I hear you ask?

Well it’s not a literal as that but it’s our approach. We’re not here shooting a school photo with fist on your knees, and it’s not a sports team shot with arms crossed and biceps flexed. It’s all about looking relaxed, natural and like you’ve been killing it as a fashion model for years!

It’s the little tricks we bring in that make you feel like you’re just hanging out with a friend taking a few candid photos of you and – wow! You actually look gorgeous, the girls are stunning and the boys look like they are having the time of their life. Who would have thought a few little fun tricks could change the whole feel and fun of the photo shoot!

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