Travel – the essence of life


Travel – the essence of life

We love to travel.

Having lived, worked and explored some 90 countries between us, travel has been part of our DNA since we were children, so much so Aaron had his 1st birthday on a family holiday in North America!

Whether it was loading the old fairlane to the brim to head off on a family road trip, or trotting along behind our parents through airports around the world, by the time we were teenagers we had an insatiable appetite for more exploration and experience. It also gave birth to our passion for photography and the sheer pleasure of capturing the cultures and beautiful people we’ve met along the way.

Our favourite destinations close to home are certainly Bali, the whitsundays and the Asia Pacific islands with Japan and Europe also close to our hearts. Some of the most beautiful weddings we’ve photographed have been even more special for the destinations they’ve allowed us to explore.

Being a Bali wedding photographer, or even closer to home in Byron Bay, it’s the beauty of the surrounding cultures and landscapes that can be brought through the images making the story of the day truly unique.

Travel offers us the opportunity to capture not only the day, but the wider experience of  the celebration with all in attendance forgetting their daily routine and indulging in the beautiful and enriching experience that travel brings. Seeing the joy and excitement of families and friends coming together for a destination wedding is something we understand and love more than anything!

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